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Belay Master 2, HMS belay carabiner


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A very safe HMS belay carabiner with a nylon clip that ensures the gate is closed and prevents cross-loading.

Belay carabiners don’t always behave as you might want them to. There is potential for the biner to flip into a bad alignment and for cross loading to occur. With this in mind we came up with a special clip that once locked in position prevents cross loading occurring by holding the biner and belay device in the correct alignment. There is another advantage too: the clip can only be locked if the Screwgate has been properly closed first. We’ve given it a Taper Lock nose, a special flared profile on the nose of the biner which significantly increases the side loading strength of the gate. The belay Master 2 is also surprisingly light. So there you have it, one of the safest belay biners ever made and a fool proof set up that has proved very popular with climbing walls and outdoor centres.

  • Weight : 96g
  • Strength : 25 kN (major axe), 10 kN (minor axe), 8 kN (open gate)
  • Opening : 20 mm
  • Certificate : CE EN 12275
  • Made in Wales, U.K.

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