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Big Betty - soft bristles, bouldering brush


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Our biggest lady in the shop! And what a grand diva she is!

This hand filling brush consists of a broad wooden handle, a soft plastic separator and soft bristles for delicate cleaning. The separator is made from a mixture of recycled plastics and because it’s softer than rock and the paint on indoor climbing walls, it protects the climbing surface from scratches when brushing.

The soft bristles are made from a mixture of organic materials, are set in deep holes to make sure they won’t come loose and can easily be replaced (IP40-L or IP40-LH replacement brushes) when worn down after all that vigorous cleaning! Simply use a hex key (you know, the ones you get for free with every Ikea product 😊) to unscrew the bristles from the handle, pop up a new set and you’re ready to go again!

Not only does this feature make brushing more sustainable, it also allows you to try out different bristles; if you don’t like the soft ones, simply replace them with hard bristles, it’s that easy. And last but not least, this fantastic product is handmade in Germany in social workshops by people with a disability.

Length: 120 mm
Weight: 140 g

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