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Fine (42g), seawater sourced chalk

Midnight Lightning

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This may just be the most eco-friendly powder chalk on the planet! 🌎

This sample bag contains 1.5 oz / 42 gr of our ultra-pure, high-performance powder chalk and is made from the mineral contents of seawater. No destructive mining here! This chalk is produced using natural solar evaporation and is packaged in a plant-based, carbon neutral* 🌱 package, which is also fully recyclable! ♻️!

  • high purity magnesium carbonate
  • rosin free
  • no fillers
  • plant based 🌱 recyclable ♻️ packaging
  • carbon neutral packaging via offsets
  • our chalk is non-mined
  • super grippy!

*through the purchase of carbon offset credits

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