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Harfang Alpine Hybrid, hybrid crampons

Blue Ice

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The Harfang Alpine Hybrid is the ideal 12-point crampon for classic mountaineering when performance and weight are key.

With the steel front and the aluminum rear, the hybrid version is optimal for the variable and moderate terrain of classic mountaineering routes. The steel front points guarantee excellent grip on all snow and the aluminum rear rail ensures minimal weight.

The front and rear rails of the crampon are equipped with an anti-balling system. The front rail is asymmetrical to give a better balance. In line with the Harfang family, its patented system is based on a central textile strap that connects the front and rear parts, making the crampon ultra-compact. The Harfang Alpine Hybrid is designed to fit any boot with a heel welt and it includes two front bail systems: fully auto and semi-auto, which are easily interchangeable.

The Harfang Alpine Hybrid is equipped with a compact toe bail to better fit all mountaineering boots. Comes with ABS.

528 per pair, with ABS
481g per pair, without ABS

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