Milan Herens

Passionate rock climber/photographer that works in a climbing gym as manager, barista, and trainer. I've combined my passions for rock climbing with my creative mind. I love the visual aspect which comes with routesetting and the complex moves you get to set while doing this. I like setting complex moves, I combine them with commercial setting to make it interesting for the climbers who climb them.

Beside my job at the climbing gym I'm a freelance photographer usually found at climbing competitions or outdoors.

My dream is to make a living of setting and photography full-time!


  • Year of birth: 1992
  • Height: 1.84m
  • Residence: Lanaken, Belgium


  • Climbing since: 2019
  • Setting since: 2021
  • Specialty: 💪 overhang!
  • Certificates: None yet; I'm signed up for all Impact routesetting courses (UK, 2024)

What are you setting for?

Competitions Boulder: no yet

Competitions Lead: no

Commercial Boulder: yes, up to a comfortable level of 7b

Commercial Lead: no

Setting for training: yes