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O-Flex 10.2mm, 200m climbing rope
O-Flex 10.2mm, 200m climbing rope
O-Flex 10.2mm, 200m climbing rope
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O-Flex 10.2mm, 200m climbing rope


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O-Flex is a very supple rope developed especially for indoor climbing gyms.

The O-Flex process consists in an innovative braiding system, around a single perfectly round core element. It creates a round and incredibly flexible rope. This climbing rope will keep its flexibility and perfect cohesion throughout its life.

Due to the use of HD Cover is a technology, through which each cover thread is individually controlled, as opposed to standard braiding where the threads are controlled by pairs, the wear due to abrasion is also reduced and the rope lifetime accordingly extended, while ensuring a smooth and comfortable breaking experience.

Tests have shown that on artificial climbing structures the O-flex process multiplies by the ropes life span by 2 to 3.

Type: Single Rope
Diameter: 10,2mm
Impact Force: 8,2 kN
Weight: 65g/m
Material: Polyamide
Norm: UIAA - CE EN892
Type: Single Rope

Shipped on a 200m reel.

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