Nele Aelbrecht

Bring on the muscles! Being an illustrator in everyday life, Nele Aelbrecht started setting boulders in May 2022. Since then she already contributed to many local competitions, favouring overhang problems.


  • Year of birth: 1990
  • Height: 1.62m
  • Residence: Westerlo, Antwerp, Belgium


  • Climbing since: 2010
  • Setting since: May 2022
  • Specialty: overhang 💪
  • Certificates: BFIC - CRB LVL 1 (BE)

What are you setting for?

Competitions Boulder: yes

  • Highlights: Blok Gorilla Games 2022, Blok Masters 2022, Gustaaf Klimt Art Niveau 2023, Crux Open 2023, Blok Open 2023, Petite Ile Summer Open 2023

Competitions Lead: no

Commercial Boulder: yes, up to a comfortable level of 6c-7a

Commercial Lead: no

Setting for training: yes