Senne Trogh

Senne Trogh is a passionate rockclimber that works in a school as a gymteacher in his free time ;) This is a half time assignement. The other halftime he sets boulder and lead routes in different gyms in Antwerp on a weekly basis. Senne takes a lot of pride in his work and only considers the job done when he is completly convinced. He loves setting in all different styles, switching from the oldschool rockclimby methodical style to the new jumpy coördination stuff. Senne thinks it's important to invest in a good, positive and relaxed atmosphere within the setting team so the setting becomes more dynamic.


  • Year of birth: 1985
  • Height: 1.85m
  • Residence: Belgium


  • Climbing since: 2007
  • Setting since: 2013
  • Specialty: Complex and arty booulders
  • Certificates: None, but comes with 10+ years of experience.

What are you setting for?

Competitions Boulder: yes

  • Highlights: ABC wallstreet (headsetter), ABC level up, Klimax Challenge, WackyWallstreet

Competitions Lead: yes

  • Highlights: ACT wallstreet, Ladder finale Wallstreet

Commercial Boulder: yes, up to a comfortable level of 7b+

Commercial Lead: yes, up to a comfortable level of 8a+

Setting for training: yes