Sepp Breesch

Sepp is passionate about climbing, setting, yoga, and handstands. After running the OG bouldering gym, Klimzaal Blok, for 17 years (2005-2022) He refocused to purely routesetting and teaching yoga/handstands. His passion for movement and challenges feeds his drive for boulder routesetting time, and time again.


  • Year of birth: 1977
  • Height: 1.77m
  • Residence: Belgium


  • Climbing: since 1989
  • Setting: since 2005
  • Specialty: well flowing boulders
  • Certificates: -

What are you setting for?

Competitions Boulder: yes

  • Many years of Open and National comps in Klimzaal Blok

Competitions Lead: no

Commercial Boulder: yes, up to a comfortable level of 7b

Commercial Lead: no

Training Boulder: yes

Training Lead: no