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Routesetting Game


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The Punksetter Routesetting Game is designed to unleash your route-setting skills, ignite your creativity, and improve your route-setting repertoire.

The Punksetter Routesetting game includes various topics to play, making it equally suitable for commercial route-setting (focusing on character, movement, grip, number of moves, and grade) as well as for inspiring competition route-setting (in the context of RIC, category, rounds, and gender). This game offers an enjoyable and playful approach to refining your route-setting abilities, enabling you to develop more creative and demanding climbing problems.


  • Improve your understanding of boulder movements.
  • Learn to build boulders that are outside of your comfort zone.
  • Approach boulder route-setting as an enjoyable challenge.
  • Learn the art of setting boulders in a fun and engaging way.
  • Create exclusive boulders for commercial circuits and competitions.
  • Generate boulders on the spot, without prior planning.
  • Promote teamwork and collaborative route-setting.

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