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Punksetter Routesetting Game

Marco Jubes

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Punksetter Routesetting Game designed to help you exploit your qualities as a routesetter, fuel your creative process, and improve your overall routesetting portfolio.

Punksetter Routesetting game contains several topics to play and is equally suitable for commercial setting (Character, movement, grip, #moves, grade,) and as an inspiration setting competitions (RIC, Category, Rounds, sex). In a fun and playful way, the game helps you improve your setting skills, so you can come up with more creative and challenging problems.


  • Learn to better understand the movements of boulders,
  • Learn to build boulders outside of your comfort zone!
  • Teaching the art of setting boulders like a game,
  • To create exclusives boulders either in a commercial circuit or in a competition,
  • Create boulder in the moment without previous information of what you are going to design,
  • Improving teamwork.

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