V-Belay station 2-Draco (M12) - ecotri
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V-Belay station 2-Draco (M12) - ecotri


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Belay Station Type V in ecotri zinc plated for indoor environment. Two fixing points consisting of two Fixe 1 hangers M12 bolts anchor point with Draco. Designed and manufactured in Barcelona-Pyrenees.

Hanger Fixe 1-Geometry:

  • Rounded inner edge for less wear on the carabiners.
  • Directs the carabiner for an optimal roof work.
  • Conical Washer. Better control of the tightening torque.
  • Three anti-rotation pins.
  • Optimized surface for full contact.

Fixe 1-Hanger features:

  • For bolts M12
  • Weight: 56g (12mm).
  • Breaking strength: 25 kN.
  • Material: ecotri zinc plated.

Ring features:

  • Ring always present between components for a better workability.
  • TIG welding. Better resistance to corrosion.
  • Inside diameter 33mm.
  • Breaking strength: 25 kN.
  • Material: steel / ecotri zinc plated.

Features of the ecotri zinc plated-chain:

  • 7mm link-rod diameter.
  • Useful length: 185mm.
  • Breaking strength: 25 kN.
  • Material: ecotri zinc plated steel.

Draco carabiner features:

  • Keylock closing.
  • Oversized friction zone.
  • Breaking strength: 25kN.
  • Material: ecotri zinc plated.

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