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Warthog (40L) - winetasting, alpine pack

Blue Ice

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The Warthog has been updated this season to be lighter and more minimalist.It is a bold and uncompromising pack for the most serious and committing alpine objectives.

Built around a full spec alpine feature set, the Warthog is a versatile pack that can be stripped down, making it to 100g lighter.

Built on our new pack fit platform and offered in two sizes, the fit and carry of the Warthog set it apart. Our innovative hybrid laminated shoulder straps is inspired by climbing harness construction to produce a carry system which is super low profile but offers high load distribution and comfort.

Carbonate coated fabrics shed off snow and ice and make this bag ever more robust for intensive use in winter conditions.

 Helmet holder compatible.

Offerd in two fits S/M and M/L


600g stripped

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