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Routesetting hoist kit


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Top part of the 2 to 1 'Hoist' kit, invented by Peter Zeidelhack1 and his team from the DAV Climbing Center München South.

To be connected to the top anchor of the line you're routesetting at.

For the bottom part of the 'Hoist' kit, you'll need 2 or more 9c setter boxes connected with a Petzl Rig for stripping the old route and a Petzl Pro Traxion for setting the new route.

Connect both systems with a Petzl Axis semi-static rope 3 times the length of the wall you're routesetting at.

1 Peter is a seasoned routesetter with almost 20 years of experience in the field. He has established himself as a specialist in commercial routesetting and is well-known for his expertise in safety procedures.

Peter is the head of routesetting training for the German Alpine Club (DAV), where he trains and educates routesetters on best practices.In addition to his role as a trainer, Peter also manages two climbing gyms and is responsible for routesetting in four gyms, with a total climbing surface of 16,000 square meters.

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